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About us

MAGNOL, has been established by Esin Sözer Kalender and Yasin Kalender in 2019. As the brand's designer, Esin, along with profession in interior design and her interest in art, textiles and fashion, went on a journey to interpret natural codes through authentic patterns and bold colors to express her passion for nature, and interest in transforming art into daily life through an art and design practice.

Magnol's brand story is based on a magnolia tree. Esin gathers her inspiration through seeing the fallen leaves of the magnolia trees, she brings attention to the bright colors and changes that are happening within nature.

She produces a variety of objects using different painting techniques together with natural dried flowers and leaves found in nature, which are otherwise prone to disintegrate.

Magnol produces one-of-a-king brooches made out of individually hand painted magnolia leaves, a limited edition of silk scarves and accessories with hand drawn patterns and genuine leather handbags with authentically cast resin handles with floral remnants; aiming to manifest artistic expressions for the everyday life.

Sensitive to contemporary upcycling methods, Magnol, uses natural materials with brand new functions and creates daily objects aiming to introduce them to us.